"I have worked with Maia Kumari Gilman for many years. As a former chief borough engineer in Manhattan and an independent structural engineering consultant for two decades, I have a good idea of what makes an outstanding architect. Ideally, it’s someone who not only understands the essential details of structures but also how they are constructed, repaired, or reinforced. Maia has shown me this ability repeatedly, particularly with historic structures. She speaks the languages of both aesthetics and structural detailing fluently and understands how and where they interact.


One example is a 1749 house we worked on in Maplewood, New Jersey. This was an ambitious restoration project featuring a one-room structure added onto in several stages, a large original hearth, and dozens of idiosyncratic structural features each presenting a unique challenge. The primary challenge in just about every instance was to stabilize or reverse structural damage while keeping or restoring the original appearance. Maia proved more than capable of out-of-the box thinking, allowing us to reinforce joists, headers, posts and pier foundations without altering appearance. Her visualization and creative skills are superior.


In addition, Maia has always shown great expertise in developing a project scope, conferring with me to fine-tune that scope, and developing a contract that accurately and succinctly reflects the scope as well as any special needs of the client. She is personable, a top-flight communicator, responsive to issues and questions, and in general a great person to work with."


- Richard Herschlag. P.E.