"Maia has a high level of credibility and environmental awareness as a designer and professional in the sustainability industry. Readers on Green-Buildings.com value her insights and her guidance on foundational aspects of green building, whether they are commercial or residential, as well as her recommendations on best practices for living a greener life." 


- Rob Freeman Jr. LEED AP, President, Poplar Network, a resource for green building


"Maia and I had the opportunity to work together on South Mountain Yoga's new studio on the 2nd floor of 18 S. Orange Ave., S. Orange. We were fortunate to be hired to install all the new wiring and lighting per Maia's open architectural design. We worked together on budget, practical electrical and lighting design issues.Maia was open to working together with all the trades in the best interests of her client's Emma and Chris Magenta. Because of Maia's openess to take into consideration the extensive experience of those hired to complete the physical renovation, the beauty of her architectural design was maximized. Ask Chris and Emma, they and all of their staff and students absolutely love the result. It is a pleasure to work with an architect like Maia."


- Monica Merel