"Maia led a one day retreat for my organization. I found Maia to be professional, fun and warm. She got things done and on time and went beyond what was needed to make the day a success. Maia knows her subject matter and makes it interesting and thought provoking. Many of our members continue to bring up some of the issues she raised and have benefited greatly from her work with us."


- Lucila McElroy


"The space we choose to live in is about a big of a decision as one can make. While it took us a year to find that "perfect" place for my family to call our own; it isn't always as easy as unloading the truck and emptying boxes. There were places in the house that just didn't seem to warm up as we put our touches on them. Maia came into our home and quickly identified those spots and more. I have tried to explain what it is that she did to some of my friends and came up with this: "Maia came into our home and lightened the air while releasing the negative stuff the house has collected over the last 135 years. She seemed to replace heaviness with light." The doors still stick and the downstairs bathroom still needs to be renovated and the girls still call the mud room the "scary room", but it feels so much more ours. Thanks Maia"


- Joe Stapley